10 Best Beaches in the World

We can all agree that after months of cold that have refused to quit, the idea of hitting the beach sounds pretty terrific, right? Well, we're almost there. And to help get the ball rolling, we rounded up our favorite 10 beaches in the world.

1. Anse Source d’Argent

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Where: La Digue, Republic of Seychelles
Why it made our list: It's towering cliffs and pink sand make it one of the most photographed beaches in the world.

2. Hidden Beach

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Where: The Marieta Islands by Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Why it made our list: LOOK AT IT! While no longer as hidden as the name might suggest, this beach is rumored to have been formed by the Mexican military detonating test bombs in the early 1900s.

3. Plage de St. Jean

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Where : St. Barths, French Caribbean

Why it made our list: Located at the end of the island's airport (which claims to have one of the world's shortest landing strips at 2,100 feet), this beautiful beach comes with an air of danger; in 2009, a plane ran out of runway and crashed on it. Thankfully, no one was injured.

4. Maya Bay

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Where : Thailand

Why it made our list: There’s a reason this plush tropical beach was used as the backdrop for the cult movie The Beach, and that reason is probably that they needed one of the world's most gorgeous tropical beaches in the film

5. El Castillo

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Where: Tulum, Mexico
Why it made our list: With Mayan ruins in the background, this white sand paradise is accented by clear water and colorful fishing boats; meanwhile, festive locals salsa dance on nearby Playa Esperanza.

6. Baia do Sancho

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Where: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil
Why it made our list: Our Hands-down best beach in the world, this Brazilian escape -- with its turquoise waters and coral reefs -- is super secluded and really, really difficult to get to; as in, down a dirt road, a few rickety ladders, and through a tight crevasse -- you get the idea.

7. Bells Beach

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Where: Victoria, Australia
Why this made our list: Besides being super scenic, it’s also home to the Rip Curl Pro -- the world’s longest-running surfing competition (since 1961). You know, assuming you’re an active beach-goer.

8. Navagio Beach

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Why it made our list: The area is defined by its sheer limestone cliffs, white sand beaches, and clear blue water, which attract thousands of tourists yearly

9. White Bay

Image result for White Bay beachWhere: Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands
Why it made our list: The smallest of the four main British Virgin Islands, the sand is white, the water is clear, and everyone speaks English, so there's that.

10. Playa de La Concha

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Where : San Sebastián

Why it made our list It is one of the most famous urban beaches in Europe

Published with by TrippyGO Tours on Jul 27, 2017.
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