Mt. Kenya Naivsha, Nakuru, Elementaita Getaways

Love, they say makes the world go round and when looking for a nice way to rekindle the romance, an out of town getaway is always the best way. Searching for that perfect location to take your special someone can be a daunting task especially if you are looking for a place with that spark that will dwell in your memories forever.

We went through the trouble for you and came up with a list of breathtaking getaways that will definitely wow her/him. So get your bootstraps on and join me as we travel through these beautiful destinations that you and your loved one can visit.

Naivasha History

The original name of Naivasha was from the Maasai; “Nai’posha” which means “Rough Water”. It was used to refer to the frequent storms that would frequent Lake Naivasha. The name ‘Naivasha’ therefore is colonial misinterpretation of ‘Nai’posha.’ The area around the town was one of the first to be settled by white people and one of the hunting grounds of the hedonistic ‘Happy Valley’ set. In fact Delamere Estates, originally owned by the eccentric Lord Delamere, surrounds the town.

Nakuru History

Nakuru once dubbed “the cleanest town in East-Africa” was established by the British as a railway outpost part of the White highlands during the colonial era. It received township status in 1904 and became a municipality in 1952. The name ‘Nakuru’ is derived from Nakurro, the Maasai word meaning a “dusty place”.

Nyeri History

The area where Nyeri Town stands was a large part of an uninhabited forested area. The town began from military activity from 1902 to 1905. A fort was built there surrounded by a deep defensive ditch (“Mukaro” in Kikuyu) leading to the present name of the central area of Nyeri Town. On 15th May 1911, Nyeri was gazetted as a Township and established in 1913. In 1933, Nyeri was made the capital of the then Central province. After boundary changes in the Kenya colony, Nyeri Town became the capital of the Kikuyu province in 1934. In June 1954, the Nyeri Urban District Council was created. In 1963 however, the Urban Council assumed a representative nature with election of councilors. Nyeri Town fully became a municipality in May 1971

Hotels Used

1 Kiboko Luxury Camp

Ksh 14,000 (5-Star - Full-board)

2 Lake Elementaita Sentrim Lodge-

Ksh 9,000 (4-Star - FullBoard)

3 Crayfish Camp

Ksh 5,900 (3-Star - Full Board)

4 Pelican Lodge

Ksh 5,300 (3-Star - Full Board)

5 Jacaranda Elementaita

Ksh 5,500 (3 Star - Full Board)

6 Burch's Resort

Ksh 5,900 (3 Star - Full Board)

7 Naivasha Kongoni Lodge

Ksh 9,500 (4 Star - Full Board)

8 Lake Nakuru Sopa Lodge

Ksh 9,700 (4 Star - Full Board)

9 Sarova Lion Hill Lodge

Ksh 13,300 (5 Star – Full Board)

10 Crater Lake camp & Game Sanctuary

Ksh 9,000 (4 Star - Full Board)

11 Naivasha Sawela Lodge

Ksh 9,400 (4 Star - Full Board)

12 Lake Bogoria Resort & Spa

Ksh 8,750 (4 Star - Full Board)

13 Lake Elementaita Serena Camp

Ksh 14,900 (5 Star - Full Board)

14 Enashipai Resort

Ksh 13,400 (4 Star - Full Board)

15 Lake Naivasha Sopa

Ksh 9,700 (5 Star - Full Board)

16 Lake Naivasha County Club

Ksh. 10,600 (4 Star - Full Board)

17 Naivasha Simba Lodge

Ksh 11,400 (4 Start - Full Board)

18 Chui Lodge and Kiangazi House

Ksh 18,000 (5 Star - All Inclusive)

19 Sportsman Arms

Ksh 4,961 (3 Star - Full Board)

20 Sagana Getaway

Ksh 8,600 (3 Star - Full Board)

21 Alba Hotel

Ksh 4,900 (4 Star – Bed & Breakfast)

22 The Rhino Safari Lodge

Ksh 8,100 (3 Star Full Board)

23 The Ark Hotel

Ksh 8,700 (4 Star Full Board)

24 Leopard Rock Lodge

Ksh 11,800 (5 Star Full Board

25 Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari

Ksh 12,300 (5 Star Full Board)

26 Olpajeta House & Morani Wing

Ksh 17,600 (5 Star - Full Board)

27 Serena Sweet Waters

Ksh 10,800 (4 Star - Full Board)

28 Tafaria Castle

Ksh 7,500 (4 Star Full Board)

29 Aberdare County Club

Ksh 20,800 (4 Star Full Board)

30 Serena mountain lodge

Ksh 10,800 (4 Star Full Board)

31 Giraffe Ark

Ksh7,800 (4 Star Full Board)

Included in price

  1. 2 Days 1 Nights Accomodations at the Lodge/Camp
  2. Meals as per stated (BB,HB or FB)
  3. Rates are based on Per Person Sharing in a Double/Twin Room
  4. Single Room Supplement Applies

Excluded from price

  1. Transport to the Hotel
  2. Drinks
  3. Park entrance fees where applicable

Terms & Conditions

BB - Bed and Breakfast

HB - Half Board

FB - Full Board

AI - All Inclusive

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